Attendance Policy

At SMILE 4 kids ,we give a warm and friendly welcome to each child on arrival and do our best to make sure that they depart safely at the end of a session. We keep an accurate register of attendance which is accessible during the session. We take the safety of children entrusted to our care seriously, therefore we would only release children from SMILE for kids school to the adults you have listed as authorised to collect.

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure their list of people authorised to collect their child is kept up to date. Parents/carers may update their record during SMILE 4 kids lessons or they may give us a new signed and dated list to replace the existing one. One list per family will be kept on file.


Please drop children off 10 minutes earlier than lesson start time.

Entry is the URC church entrance on Widmore Road in Bromley and through the garden entrance in Hall Place Bexleyheath.

Parents are advised to bring their children to the classroom.

Our responsibility for the children will begin when they come into our setting. The arrival time of each child will be registered.

Arrangements vary in bad weather. The register is marked to show children have left the school.

Collection from SMILE 4 kids

Parents must arrive promptly to collect their child/children at the specified END time of the lesson as stated on the SMILE 4 kids website.

As each child leaves the premises, the register will be marked with the time of departure, the signature of the person collecting the child and the initials of the member of staff who released the child.

If the person collecting the child leaves without signing the child out a member of staff will record who collected the child and at what time.

The named parent is responsible for collecting their child/children promptly at the end of class, according to times set out on SMILE 4 kids website.

There will be charges occurred and procedures followed, if a child is collected more than 5 minutes after class has finished, as outlined on the website under late collection/uncollected child policy.


If your child cannot attend a lesson, then please let Safrina know by text or call at least 24 hours before lesson or at least one hours before the lesson is due to start.

Absence of the student

Attending SMILE 4 kids School is voluntary and there is no statutory obligation to send children your child o this school . However, the school expects a regular student attendance, to make progress with vocabulary according to each lesson. This is why the parent / guardian is obliged notify the teacher of the class or management, about the anticipated or completed absence or decision to withdraw a child from the School.

Fees are paid at beginning of each term as listed on website and are NON REFUNDABLE for that term, once paid.

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