Health and Safety Policy

The Health and Safety key person is: Safrina Saran (Manager and First aider)

The person/s designated to act in the manager’s absence: Deputy Manager

Staff responsibilities are as follows:

Pupil responsibilities are as follows;

Aims of our policy

To create, and provide, a safe environment without a risk to the health and safety of children, staff and visitors. To ensure Health and Safety is taken seriously by all members of staff and other persons who are affected by the school’s activities. Duties and responsibilities

Designated person/s will:

All members of staff will:


Pick-up Policy and Procedures

During term time, SMILE 4 kids School will endeavour to provide an efficient and smooth running pick-up and drop off service.

Aims and objectives

These guidelines form part of the SMILE 4 kids school policy and procedures, and must be adhered to at all times by all staff.

Preschool: 1 staff member to 8 children

Junior: 1 staff member to 10 children


Staff must then check again to make sure all children are present by doing a register and a head count.



Accidents and Incidents

Current First Aiders: Safrina Saran.

In case the child is injured, Parents / Guardians will be notified immediately. With minor injuries, a person trained in giving first aid,will give the child first aid at school. If the child is not able to continue the activities in class ,he/she will stay with the staff until the parent / guardian collects the pupil from school. Parents are required to declare at the beginning of the school year (and to update if changes occur) information on needs medical or other child, including the need to administer medicines. The school is not responsible for the lack of information from the parent or possession of outdated information that may adversely affect or prevent medical assistance to an emergency child.

If an ambulance is required

First aid kits location

Medical conditions



All medicines and medical supplies can be given to the child after prior agreement and written statement of parents, with the exception of emergency.

All staff members must read and familiarize with SMILE 4 kids Health and Safety Policy. It is important for all staff to know where the following are kept:- The First Aid Kit – The First Aid Kit should be checked on a daily basis to ensure it is fully stacked and all used equipment is replaced. This is accessible to all staff at all times. The Co-ordinator is the designated First Aider. The Accident book/incident report forms – These are accessible to all workers. If there is an accident, for example a cut finger, a bee sting or a child falls over, this must be reported in the book . The registration and consent form. All students ,must be signed in as children arrive in class by parent dropping them and signed out as they are picked u and leave the classroom.. This is important and must be kept up to date in case of an emergency in the building. Fire Drill Procedures and Fire Book – Staff must familiarise themselves with the following: The Fire alarm, its location and sound and where fire extinguishers are located. The following procedures are taken by members of staff: When the alarm sounds children stop and wait for instructions to line up. Staff will reassure them and line them up calmly and quickly. Staff will lead them out of the building – take a head count as they leave the building. Check all the rooms and toilets and collect the register. Once outside the building, there is another head count. v Make sure everyone is accounted for – Staff and Children. Phone the fire brigade at the nearest working until parents can be contacted or the building is deemed safe to return. All staff will be trained in emergency procedures in the case of a fire or any other situations requiring evacuation of the building. All children will be told what to do.

Policy adopted by SMILE 4 kids Ltd: 25.11.18

To be reviewed by Owner/Mananger: 25.11.19

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